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Location 1: 2002 Harvard Way Suite D, Reno, NV 89502

Location 2: 2955 N McCarran Blvd Suite 107, Sparks, NV 89431

Asian Massage quality massage therapists directly to your home, apartment, or even office space. Self-care has never been this safe or easy.


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Join a team of passionate Mobile Massage Reno-Sparks.

Mobile massage work for Nevada.


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Licensed massage therapist at Mobile Massage Reno-Sparks is customized to relax and peace your body and mind.


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About Us


Your licensed massage therapist at Mobile Massage Reno-Sparks is customized to relax and peace your body and mind, whose technique will be uniquely tailored to fit your inner body. You’ll quickly unwind and relieve any built-up stress you may have from your work and home. We invite you to reach your goals of stress reduction, relaxation and pain relief, combined with our skillful massage and rejuvenating methods. We bring you in home massages, offer couple and group sessions to enjoy with your loved ones and friends. You are welcome to call us at 775-313-2188 to make appointment! We are looking forward to serve you.


Massage at Home vs Massage at a Spa

In today’s chaotic and hectic world, people more than ever need a relaxing massage but don’t have the extra time or energy to drive and get it at a spa or massage clinic.

The stress of commuting to and from your appointment, wasting precious time you may not have, fighting through bad weather doesn’t make sense when the point is to relax!

How’s the traffic? Hopefully, you are not trapped in a traffic jam and arrive on time to the spa, or your time of the massage would be cut! On top of that, most of the popular massage franchises have a high turn over of massage therapists. As soon as you find a massage therapist you like, they’re gone. Suddenly a trip to a day spa might not be as relaxing as it first seemed. Did you know that those interferences can often prevent or, even worse, reverse the benefits of a wonderful massage?! Finally, there’s a solution!

There are great benefits to get a massage at your own place. 

No miserable or dangerous weather you’ll have to risk driving through, no stressful traffic you have to deal with. Enjoy those extra minutes to relax at your place.

You don’t have to listen to people talking on hallways of the spa, phones ringing and getting dressed without taking a shower (most of day spas don’t have showers).

Getting the full time of massage! Full 60, 90, 120 minutes of hands-on!

Invest in yourself. Invest in your health.


Come And Try Our Services

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Spend Time Together - Couple Massage

We know the average couple today has far too many things scribbled into their calendars to feel like they can fit in a couples massage. But luckily, A Good Spa day offers both 60 minute and 90 minute couples massage leaving you without an excuse to avoid spend time with your partner.

There are a number of physical effects associated with massage therapy from which you and your loved one can benefit during your session. The reports said that scientific research supports the connection between massage therapy and short recovery periods for a variety of medical conditions. Among the conditions that may be eased due to massage therapy are muscular-skeletal disorders, fibrillation, insomnia, asthma, arthritis and depression. Massage therapy has also been shown to reduce stress and strengthen the immune system.

Enjoy Relaxing Time - Chair Massage

Chair massage is similar to table massage in most ways, except that instead of laying on a table, clients kneel in a specialized chair equipped with a pad and face cradle to support their head and chest. A professional chair massage is performed with the same care and precautions as the full table version. Massage therapists ask clients about their goals and physical limitations. Chair massage is a style of seated massage that is typically short—10 or 40 minutes—and focuses on your back, shoulders and neck and arms. For chair massage, you are seated in a special chair with your face resting in a cradle, looking down towards the floor, with supports for your arms. Your back and neck completely relax while the therapist relieves muscle tension using swedish massage moves like kneading and compression.

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License Massage Therapist

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Swedish Massage

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Deep Tissue

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Sports Massage

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Thai Massage

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Medical Massage

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Prenatal Massage


Couple Massage

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4 Hands Massage

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Body Massage

60 mins Deep Tissue Massage

90 mins Deep Tissue Massage

​120 mins Deep Tissue Massage




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Chair Massage

Single, Couples, Back to Back

60 mins Chair Massage

90 mins Chair Massage

120 mins Chair Massage





SPA Package

Facial / Massage / Aroma / Hot Stone / Back Scrub

60 mins SPA Package

90 mins SPA Package

120 mins SPA Package




Perfect For Any Occasion

Thank You · Get Well · Wedding · New Baby · New Home · Staff · Appreciation · Retirement

​Birthday · Mother's Day · Father's Day · Hanukkah · Christmas · Valentine's Day · Anniversary

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